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About Sinotruk

Tanzania Sinotruk is the authorized agent of China Sinotruk in Tanzania.

SINOTRUK is China's first heavy duty truck manufacturer. SINOTRUK once manufactured China's first heavy duty truck, and it is China's first company to comprehensively introduce foreign heavy duty truck manufacturing technology of complete vehicle.


We have strong production and distribution capability. We can satisfy your demand. We always do our best to solve the problems, and put our customers' interests in the first place. 

Trinidad and Tobago truck trailer company's goal is to provide excellent and suitable howo sinotruk products and semi trailers for transportation companies and fleets in Triniada. Including howo truck price, sinotruk howo price, howo trucks for sale, sinotruk howo truck for sale in trinidad and tobagoetc. We can provide customized services according to the different needs of customers.

Truck For Sale In Trinidad And Tobago

Sinotruk Howo 400 Trucks Tractor
2024 new model sinotruk howo 400 trucks tractor head for sale in Trinidad , mainly offer sinotruk howo , howo trucks for sale , howo tractor head
Shacman X3000 Tractor Truck
2024 New model shacman x3000 tractor truck price in Trinidad, mainly offer shacman x3000 price , shacman x3000 , shacman truck price , shacman tractor truck , shacman tractor
Shacman F3000 Dump Truck
2024 Hot sale shacman f3000 price dump truck in Trinidad, shacman f3000 , shacman truck f3000 , shacman truck , f3000 shacman , shacman f3000 price is widely used in construction sites, mines, ports, etc.
Howo 6x4 10 Wheeler Dump Truck
2024 Hot sale sinotruk howo 6x4 10 wheeler dump truck price for sale in Trinidad and Tobago, Howo 10 wheeler dump truck price is suitable for a variety of road and construction site conditions, with good passability and adaptability.


2024 Spring Festival Holiday Notice
Dear Customer: Happy Chinese New Year! On the occasion of the New Year, we express our most sincere blessings and best wishes to you! Thank you for yo......
Tri Axle Flatbed Trailer for Sale in Trinidad and Tobago
Tri Axle Flatbed Trailer for Sale in Trinidad and Tobago Just finished production of a tri axle flatbed trailer in December, ordered by a valued cust......
40cbm Cement Bulker Truck for Sale
40cbm Cement Bulker Truck for Sale in Trinidad and Tobago A customer from Trinidad and Tobago recommended the purchase of a 40cbm cement bulker truck......

Semi Trailer

40ft Flatbed Trailer
2024 New model flatbed trailer for sale in trinidad and tobago, mainly offer flatbed trailer , flatbed trailer for sale , flatbed trailer prices , 40 ft flatbed trailer , 40 ft flatbed trailer for sale.
40ft Skeleton Semi Trailer
2024 new types of skeleton semi trailer for sale in Trinidad and Tobag, mainly offer 40 ft skeleton , 40ft skeleton trailer , 40ft skeleton trailer for sale , skeleton semi trailer , skeleton trailer for sale
100 Ton Low Bed Trailer
2024 new model low bed trailer is best popular semi trailer in Trinidad and Tobago, And we mainly offer lowbed truck for sale , lowbed trailer , lowbed , low low bed trailer.
3 Line 6 Axle Detachable Gooseneck Lowboy Trailer
2024 best hot sales detachabel gooseneck lowboy trailer for sale in Trinidad , mainly transport large machinery. Mainly offer detachable gooseneck trailer , detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer for pickup truck , detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer.
45000 Liters Fuel Tanker Trailers
2024 New model fuel tanker trailers in Trinidad, mainly transport oil, fuel, diesel,etc. TITAN will according to your requirements cuztomiz fuel tankers for sale, tanker trailer, tanker trailer manufacturers, tanker trailers for sale.
Triple Axle Drop Side Door Trailer
2024 hot sale drop side door trailer for sale in Trinidad, and mainly transport grain, bulk,etc. And mainly offer triple axle semi trailer , drop side , side door , side drop
60 Ton Fence Cargo Transport Semi Trailer
2024 hot sale fence cargo transport semi trailer for sale in Trinidad and Tobago, mainly offer fence trailer , fence semi trailer , cargo trailer ,
4 Axle Tipper Trailer for Sale
Mainly offering tipper trailer, tipper trailer for sale near me, tipper trailer for sale.